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About this VUTRAX Web Site

Copyright and Legal

This entire Web site is Copyright Computamation 1996-2009.

Vutrax is a registered trademark of Computamation Systems Ltd.

All other Trademarks are acknowledged.

References and links to other companies are offered in good faith, but we take no responsibility for them. Referenced companies and sites who want their references removed or changed should e-mail or mail us.

You are welcome to take a copy of our files for your own use (see next section), and to provide links to the index.htm page from your own site or publication. Please do not directly reference other pages as the file structure is liable to change.

Tools used to Build this Web Site

If you are thinking of building your own home pages you may find the tools used to build these pages of interest:-

  • Maintained Asus based AMD-64 3000 running Windows XP SP2 & Fedora Linux Core 2 (32 bit version).
  • HTML page editing mostly uses the SEE plain text editor (part of VUTRAX). This editor knows enough about HTML tags for paragraph formatting to work, but doesn't force any ideas or limitations on you. The side menu is inserted and updated using an in-house utility
  • Some SANs, Bulletin etc. are produced using the Namo WebEditor (Shareware), with some post processing to make the raw HTML more intelligable.
  • The image processor is PaintShop Pro 8.
  • GIF Construction Set (32 bit) 1.0N to construct animated GIF files and transparent GIFs from PaintShop pro output.
  • Tested with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, Opera 7.54, Mozilla 1.6 (Linux), Mozilla 1.7.1 (Windows) and various versions of Netscape and Firefox.
  • The primary site is commercial space hosted by Demon Internet on Apache Web servers.