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VUTRAX for Windows Downloads

What is there to download?

To use any of the VUTRAX installable downloads you will need the installation ReadMe, the installer itself. These are all in the Installation section.


System Modules
The full VUTRAX 14.2a system can be downloaded. From this you can install from a 256 pin limited FREE system all the way up to a full professional configuration.
About 13MB (as 4 files - the installer plus the packed system divided into 3 files for convenient downloading).


Any installable updates for the current and recent issues.


Interface Modules
These include a number of optional modules that can be installed over your primary installation or at the same time. For installation instruction see section 'Interface Module Installation' in the 'Configuration and Trouble Shooting' Volume of the Help.
  • Input and Output Converters: an assortment of input and output interfaces for Vutrax format from and to various third party formats including the Cadence Specctra Autorouter, the Konekt Electra Autorouter, Bill of Materials, Stock Control, & 3D packages. These interfaces are only available as purchased add-ons.
  • Supplementary Libraries. Detail of content can be found in the 'Supplementary Library ...' sections in the Library Volume. Free Issue
  • Bitmap to Vutrax Vector Format Converter based on a GNU licensed converter. Free issue.


Trouble Shooting
If things go wrong, how to check the file integrity, and more advanced and operating system specific help.

FREE issues, Evaluation, and Commercial

The downloads provides the capabilities for building:-
A complete system limited to typically 256 component pins, with no time limit or other limitation. You can make photoplot files for use in board manufacture, or use desktop outputs for D-I-Y use. If this is all you need, you are welcome. Please tell your colleagues and give them the URL, plus the downloaded files if they want them.


Bundled Configurations
Pre-determined bundlings of most modules, with a pin based capacity limit.


Customised Configuration:
Professionals can evaluate the product in the freeware forms, but will want much greater capacity, and access to professional level support. The system is extremely modular - you need only buy what you want. Please visit Information and then Pricing for details, and e-mail us with your requirements.
Features only available in the Commercial form are the SpiceAge interface, and many other 3rd party interfaces.

All of these forms are derived from the same set of archives - you don't have to keep downloading to upgrade unless you want specialised modules (which are supplied as extra Installable Interface Modules).

How do I download?

To prevent the browser trying to display the files browsers allow clicking the Right mouse button and then selecting [Save .. As] (or similar wording) from the popup menu.

  • To download either the Vutrax System first visit the Installer page and download the ReadMe and Installer.
  • Visit the System Modules and/or Updates pages to download the files.
  • If you have Broadband you may prefer to download everything as one large file - see CD Installer download.

To avoid potential problems please use the suggested filenames. Usually this is what will be offered in the dialogue, but some browser configurations mangle the offered name by adding sequence numbers or extra dots, even after you specify it in the dialogue box. The installer tries to cope but sometimes it can't.
If you have trouble please change the name to what we suggest, or rename it later.

Hint: Downloading two files at once may be faster than one at a time, so you don't have to wait for a download to complete before starting the next. However, having lots going means that more may be lost on a system failure.

How long will it take?

The bulk of the download time will be spent on the main system archive of 3 files at about 3.5MB each, about 10 minutes each with a 56K modem and no net congestion.
Broadband users can do the whole thing in a few minutes, or can download a CD Image as a single long file.

Is it safe to install on my System?

Any version of Windows including 95, 98, NT 3.51, NT 4.0, ME, Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 can run Vutrax provided that you have sufficient hard disk space (see requirements). We are unable to provide support for issues prior to Windows XP.

VUTRAX installation is designed to have minimal impact on your current setup, and be easy to un-install, even if the installation is interrupted. All program, data, library and other files are written to a single (new) directory/folder structure rather than dumped into your Windows shared directories.

What do I do with the downloads?

Simple installations can use Run from the Start button to select and run Vutrax_Set_Up. For more complex setups (e.g. over networks or multiple installations) you should first look at readme.txt file using Notepad or virtually any editor. Once installed, Tip-of-the-Day will give you some starting points. To dive straight into the tutorials select Tutorials from Help.