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The Windows Installer Packages

What is in the .ZIP file?

  • The Windows installer, any essential updates and the supplementary interfaces and libraries.
  • Windows viewer for Gerber & CNC outputs
  • The Electra router for Windows limited time trial version.
  • Auto-startup when written as a CD (optional).
  • A 300dpi colour image (un-compressed Bitmap) which you can use to label the disc or make a case insert.

Do you need the download as an update?

  • The original .ZIP file include the date of issue in it's filename. The expanded set of files includes file VTXCD_LABEL.GIF with a date embedded in it that you can compare with the date on the label displayed above.

If you need an update you may choose to download and install updates from the CD, or download just the updated files you need from the main download section.
It should never do any harm to install a complete issue over itself provided that you have not altered the supplied configuration files. Windows settings, Menu settings should all be preserved where compatible with the new issue.

Is my connection fast enough?

The file is about 34MB so download times are approximately:-

    32K Dialup

    3 Hours

    1M Broadband

    6 Minutes

    8M Broadband

    1 Minute

Unless you have a download manager this will have to be unbroken connection time.
You can instead download identical individual files from the main download section, each of which are limited to about 4MB to make download on dialup or with an unreliable connection a practical proposition.

If you would rather download as individual files please select the appropriate starting page from Individual Downloads or using the navigation pane at the left.

Getting the Current Installation Files

    Vutrax Windows Installation Package (44MB)
    Right Click and [Save .. As] naming the file or any other name you choose provided it has extension .zip .

    Downloaders having problems installing, running, or intending to do production work with this issue should check the appropriate Individual Updates for any post-issue updates.

How do I Use what I Download

To install the system directly from the .ZIP file:-
  1. Download the .ZIP file and open the folder it was saved in.
  2. Open the .ZIP (double Click or Right Click and [Open]).
    In the extractor - choose to extract ALL the files.
  3. Run (Double Click) on VTXAUTO.EXE
You can instead make a CD of the installer that will auto-play (where permitted by Windows). See the file README.TXT in the extracted section for detail of this and other special cases.


Previous Issue CD Images

These files are provided for users who have not kept their installation files but need to re-install.
Check the updates section for any necessary updates.

Vutrax 14.1a Windows Installer files (40MB)
Right Click and [Save .. As] naming the file or any other name you choose provided it has extension .zip .

Vutrax 14.0a Windows Installer files (33MB)
Right Click and [Save .. As] naming the file or any other name you choose provided it has extension .zip .


Current Windows issue for Linux

Recent (April 2020) testing indicated that Linux WINE is able to install and Run the current version of Vutrax (as 32 bits executables). DRAFT Direct 2D drawing is not attempted, but the CGI version works well and is many times faster than Windows own implementation.
Known problem in WIN 4.2 - VTXSHELL command VER crashes due to an error in the WINE DLL handling screen scaling (listed on the WINE bugs list. Normal operation is not effected.

Vutrax 13.5a for Linux

We have stopped developing the Linux native x86 version of Linux, but it is still available as the free 256 pin issue and larger capacities can be purchased. The files are in a single ZIP file to Unpack into a local folder.
The simplest installation uses an unprivileged shell (sh, bash, xterm etc.):-
    mkdir vtx
    cd vtx
    unzip <wherever>/
In case of problems:-
  1. Check that vutrax_set_up has execute (X) access.
  2. In 64 bit Linux the 32 bit C language libraries may be missing. For Ubuntu 15.04 & similar copy and paste these commands one at a time into a Terminal window:-
        sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
        sudo apt-get update
        sudo apt-get install libc6:i386 libncurses5:i386 libstdc++6:i386 libx11-6:i386
The .zip includes readme.txt - ignore mention of a distribution disc.

Vutrax 13.5a for Linux (21MB)
Right Click and [Save .. As] naming the file or any other name you choose provided it has extension .zip.