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VUTRAX Technical Support

VUTRAX SOFTWARE ADVICE NOTICE 197 (Issue 3) - 4 Apr 2012

VUTRAX 12 & 13 - How to Apply VTXPATCH Patches

Some fixes to VUTRAX modules are provided in the form of change scripts for application by the utility VTXPATCH supplied with your VUTRAX system.  This note explains how to apply a change provided in the general form:-

Apply SAN197 (VTXPATCH) to <target file> using <options> with patch file
        One or more lines of numerics and/or quoted text


  1. From the menu system select
              [Enable Changes] from (File -> Setup -> Configuration)
  2. Create the patch file patchXXX.asc provided by selecting [Ascii Text] from (Edit) and entering the lines. Select XXX to be the relevant SAN number (not 197!), or some other useful text. If you are viewing the patch file in a browser or editor, Copy & Paste the text. Use of single or multiple spaces and an initial indent are not important except inside '...' quotes, but all else must be exact, including the presence and absence of ';' characters.
  3. From the menu system select
              [Option <any>] from (Specify)

    For Vutrax 13.5a onwards enter the command.
              vtxchange   patchXXX.asc   %vtxcfg%\<target-file>   <options>
    For Vutrax 13.4b and earlier enter the command.
              vtxpatch     patchXXX.asc   %vtxcfg%\<target-file>   <options>

    where <target-file> is the name provided, and <options> is any (possibly none) options.
    Note: %vtxcfg% automatically gets replaced by the directory in which you installed VUTRAX, normally C:\vutrax in Windows. You can specify any appropriate directory here if a complex installation requires it.
  4. If these work, the change(s) are listed and the program exits without comment. The original files have the .BAK extension and can be used to revert to the previous version if you want to.
    If VTXCHANGE/VTXPATCH complains and requires acknowledgement then you have probably mistyped the file, are using the wrong options, or are trying to patch the wrong file or issue. No change was applied.

  5. After patching adjust protection and access permission files using
              [Re-Initialise] from (File -> Setup -> Configuration)

Revision History:

  • Issue 1: 10 Sep 2001.
  • Issue 2:   5 Sep 2008 to handle command line options and changes to menu items names.
  • Issue 3:   4 Apr 2012 to accommodate the change from VTXPATCH to VTXCHANGE to avoid issues with Windows Vista onwards 'User Account Control'.


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