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VUTRAX Outputs & Interfaces

Outputs to Printers, Plotters and Drilling Machines

* Photoplotting Vutrax can output to any Windows supported printer using the GDI printer interface. This is fine for schematics, check plots and documentation. However, the precision of GDI output is not sufficient for artwork production, pen plotter support is poor, and photoplotters are not supported at all. VUTRAX therefore supports a range of artwork output devices using direct data output.

  • Gerber Photoplotters (inc RS274X).
  • Emma Photoplotters.
  • Postscript Format.
  • HP Pen Plotters.
  • HP Laser Printers.
  • HP Monochrome and Colour Ink jet Printers.
  • Epson Ink jet Printers.
  • Epson and NEC Dot matrix.
  • Roland Plotters.
  • Assortment of Excellon CNC drilling & milling formats.
  • VUTRAX database format (for special effects).
  • Others - please enquire. Our long history means that we support a whole range of now obsolete equipment not worth listing.
You can customise plotting sequences including Image, Pen Plots, Photoplots, and CNC outputs and store these sequences for re-use or modification.

Imported Formats

  • Artworks (and other drawings) in Photoplotter format can be imported into VUTRAX for further work and modification.
    • Gerber photoplotter.
    • Emma photoplotter.
  • Futurenet net list.
  • Orcad net list.
  • AutoCAD DXF Files.
  • Monochrome Bitmaps of logos, signatures, etc.

Exported Formats

  • Windows Clipboard Metafile.
  • Windows Placeable Metafile.
  • AutoCAD DXF Files.
  • IDF format for 3D Modelling software such as Solidworks and Pro-Engineer.
  • Numerous CAM and ATE packages. We can often locate a suitable format or write a converter for you.
  • Extensive range of comma separated lists of connection, placement and other information is available for import by databases capable of picking out the required fields. Our comma separated lists can be sorted by any one of the fields using a supplied utility.