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Vutrax Price Guide

Detailed Price List

Vutrax pricing is presented as a single page in a full browser window. We suggest that you print it for reference while choosing your modules.
Click the link below to view the list.

Detailed Price List

Freeware and Evaluation Systems

The system can be downloaded free for evaluation, and for users who can manage with 256 component pins.

The bundle includes all interactive graphics (schematic capture, technical drawing and manual routing), Rats-nest generation, the two standard Vutrax routers, Groundplane generation, Design Check, output to various plotters, forward and backward modification, lots of utilities, all help files and tutorials. The free version also includes modules to evaluate the Electra Router.
The download is about 10 MBytes split into a few files.
If you have problems downloading we can provide a CD of the software charged at 10 UK Pounds inclusive of carriage and UK taxes.

What's in it for you?:

  • This is a real professional system packed with facilities.
  • Your files are compatible with the professional product (including photoplotting and CNC Drilling & Milling).
  • You can upgrade to Bundled or professional capacities with just a small configuration file.
  • No time limits or other hidden restrictions.
What's the catch?:
  • This is a real professional system packed with facilities so you will have to spend time working through relevant sections of the on-screen tutorials and practice examples before you can do real work.
  • It won't save designs bigger than about 256 pins.
  • Free and Bundled systems can not use the interface modules for 3rd party products.

Explicit Module Selection or Bundles

Extended & Standard
We can configure almost any combination of features that you want. You can download the Free version and find out what you will need now, upgrading later as the need arises. Choose from these two columns for the capacity you need.
Bureau, Office, Professional, Lite & Personal
These are convenient groupings of all of the standard modules available at a special bundled prices. Choose the column for the capacity you need.
A special low cost bundle for students with access to a departmental machine providing photoplotting and similar outputs.

How you can Purchase

Professional capacity systems are normally ordered through normal company invoicing and billing arrangements.

For small systems you can pay by any Visa credit card. Except for large orders we can only accept payment in Pounds Sterling, so a credit card payment may be a better option than arranging currency conversions. Just supply:-

  • Visa card number.
  • Expiry date and Start dates.
  • The name and address of the cardholder. We can only supply to the cardholders name and address.

If you are concerned about sending credit card orders by mail please select from these alternatives:-

  • Fax your order to 0871 528 4646 (Fax calls cost 10p/min).
  • Send your Credit card number by e-mail, but write the numbers as words to prevent automated interception.
  • Split the number (or number as words) between more than one mailing.
  • Phone your order to +44 (0)1525 261 381 during UK office hours, or email the order and leave the credit card number on our answering machine with your e-mail address.

E-mail For further Information, please e-mail us here